The Many Shades of Shirk


The Many Shades of Shirk:

The basic concept of Islam is Monotheism. It confirms the belief in Allah’s Oneness without assigning partners to Him in worship. No doubt, the adherents of other religions also hold belief in God but they join partners with Him. For instance, the Jews call Prophet Uzair (alayhee assalam) a son of God. The Christians call Prophet Isa (alayhee assalam) a son of God. The Hindus split God into many deities. According to their belief, God incarnates in Human form to punish the wrongdoers, removes injustice and oppression from the world and fills it with justice, equality, and prosperity. In short, all other religions except Islam have a combination of God and His partners or incarnates. In Islam, Shirk (polytheism) is the grievous sin that cannot be forgiven until man turns to Allah in repentance sincerely and asks His pardon. The present book deals with Shirk thoroughly and highlights its various forms in vogue among the Muslims and non-Muslims. Its aim is to arouse ! mass awareness against the Shirk and invite them to the Islamic Monotheism based on the Quran and Sunnah. The book, because of its eloquent yet simple and lucid style, gained much popularity. Darussalam has the honor to publish it in the greater interest of the people. Our purpose is to serve Islam and provide the readers with good, knowledgeable and authentic reading material on the subjects related to the Islamic faith.

BY: Fadlur Rahman Klaim Kashmiri

Publisher: Darussalam


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