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Are you sometimes embarrassed by the way your children behave in front of guests or when they’re outdoors?

Do you feel frustrated because your kids don’t always listen to you and do as you say?

Do you wish your children were more dignified, polite, or just simply behaved themselves so you could feel proud of them?! After all, Muslims are renowned for their upright behaviour, right?

You’re right. But simply telling your child to behave isn’t enough. You’ve already seen that doesn’t work. Children need to see for themselves that being respectful and well-behaved opens us a world of good for them. And that’s what the Box of Manners does.

This delightful little box showcases 27 timeless etiquettes from the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (S), and gets your child to adopt them. Here’s how:

Playing miming and charades games SHOW your child the effects of good manners so they can see their effects for themselves.

Active engagement through play means your child is immersed in a positive environment that encourages the best of behaviour and makes it the norm.

Each card has a pair so a memory game can be played to increase the versatility and fun so your child can enjoy continuous learning of polite manners.

A reference game is included for each of the manners so your child can feel the spiritual connection from their newly formed good habits.

There are 27 lofty characteristics presented in this box so your child will have comprehensive coverage of what it takes to become a well-rounded polite individual.

Each card has a vivid illustration and clearly titled cards in both English and Arabic so your child can relate to the context of each manner and gain an instant understanding of its effects.

The cards are produced on thick card which is laminated on one side making them durable for long-term use.

The cards measure 8cm in diameter making them ideal for little hands, yet large enough to showcase each manner.
Some of the manners covered in this game include:

Kindness to parents
Knocking before entering
Surpressing the yawn
Sharing (food and other items)
Starting from the right side
The Box of Manners is our longest serving game and has brought joy to tens of thousands of Muslim homes around the world. It also makes a wonderful gift for family and friends.

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