A Summary Of Al-Qawl Al-Mufid (The Explanation Of Kitabut-Tawhid)


A Summary Of Al-Qawl Al-Mufid (The Explanation Of Kitabut-Tawhid):

The Importance of the subject of tawhid (Monothesim) is made suffciency clear by considering facts such as:

1 ) : It is the very purpose of the creation of jinn and mankind.

2 ) : Allah does not forgive those who die in a state of associating partners to Him,, weather in His Lordship, Names  & attributes and or His right to be worshipped alone.

3 ) : Most people do not bealive in Allah accept that they also have polytheism present with them, a phenomena which Allah Him Self informs us of in His Book.

This work is a summary of the book Al-Qawl Al-Mufid Sharh Kitab At-Tawhid by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Salih Al-Uthaymin (رحمه الله‎). Despite its brevity, it is comprehensive in elucidating the issues related to Tawhid and its antithesis: shirk (polytheism). It also contains points unmentioned in all of the existing books on Tawhid (in the English language). I have included the grading of all the ahadith contained in the original based on the checking of scholars of hadith such as Shaykh Muhammad Nari Ad-Din Al-Albani And Abdul Qadir Arna’ut (رحمهما الله‎) and an appendix outlining all the hadith and athar (narrations) that have been deemed unauthentic by the scholars.


By: Muhammad Ibn Salih Al-Uthaymin

Publisher: 5 Pillars

Page: 152 (Paperback)




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