Let’s Begin To Read Arabic : A Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Arabic Language And The Qur’an


It does not follow the conventional approach to teach the Arabic alphabet. This unconventional approach is based on the following factors:

  • To benefit from the sounds common to Arabic and English.
  • The letters are presented along with the vowel-signs from the very beginning.
  • Each lesson contains only one new element a consonant, a vowel, a phonetic rule or a spelling rule.
  • The student is made to read real words from the Quran.
  • The student is advised to learn every lesson thoroughly before passing on to the next.
  • This method is successfully being used in certain parts of the world and has considerably shortened the learning time.

Dr V Abdur Rahim obtained his doctorate in the Arabic language from Al-Azhar University and has taught it for more than four decades. He was, for a long time, a principle lecturer of Arabic language to foreign students at Madinah Islamic University. He has combined the modern way of learning with the classical system. He is also the author of the popular book series “The Arabic Course for English Speaking Students”


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