Al-Mawrid Trilingual Dictionary English-Arabic-French (English and French Edition) 2nd Edition


The best and first dictionary of its kind in the arab world, with three language: Arabic, English and French, plus phonetic spelling method. The most advanced English /Arabic/ French dictionary. Contains more than 100,000 words with many related appendices and phonetic transcriptions. This dictionary makes easy and quick references for students of the Arabic language. Whether traveling or at home or school, this reference with 100’s of words is sure to become one of your best companions. Words are listed in Arabic order (alef, baa, thaa, and so on), then with 2nd column having English translation, and third column having French translation. (After word in Arabic comes the phonetic (or ‘Roman’) transcription.

  • Hardcover: 2371 pages
  • Publisher: Dar El-Ilm Lilmaliyeen; 2 edition (May 1, 2004)
  • Language: English, French


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