A Dictionary of Islamic Words and Expressions : Arabic English with an Arabic Index (Prof. Mahmoud Isma’il Saleh) 2nd Edition

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Author: Prof. Mahmoud Isma’il Saleh
Publisher: Al-Jumuah, Al-Muntada Al-Islami (2002)
Pages: 313 Binding: Hardback

Description from the publisher: 

This dictionary is intended to satisfy a long-standing need on the part of English-speaking Muslims for a dictionary with which to comprehend what they do not fully understand when they read the Noble QurÆan and the authentic Sunnah. During the past twenty-five years progress has been made in the field of Islamic lexicography; and this has highlighted the need for documentation of Islamic words and expressions in a novel fashion.

This dictionary is also intended to fulfill the needs of those engaged in such a sacred task as propagating Islam, which requires a reliable bilingual dictionary that is apt to transfer-in a communicative manner- concepts underlying cultural differences between the two languages in question.


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